The Winnipeg Jets

The game tonight should be very exciting, well at least if the Jets win. I feel good being a Manitoban and the Jets are helping. It’s too early to say if they will be strong enough to win the coveted Stanley Cup. Myers is hurt but that should change the strength of the defense. Some defense help has been brought up from the miners. Although they might not fill Myers shoes. The whole team picks it up and make up for the injured player. In a few hours we’ll know where we stand. It would be nice if the Jet’s could win tonight. It will give them more time to get ready for the next series.

When the playoffs are over it’s going to be “withdrawal time” After the cup has been won and the season has ended there is something missing. Some go to CFL, which is good, but there are not as many games. I’m looking forward to the next series. Minny can’t be counted out by any means. They could come back and win the series. The playoffs are not always a different series.


It was supposed to be July 1 that marijuana would be legalized. Here in Manitoba, the Premier wants to put it off another year. There has been some mumurings that it might not be leglized at that time. It’s hard to say for sure when it will be legal to smoke and buy weed. It was thought to be a sure thing after Trudeau said it would be July 1st that it would be legalized. I haven’t heard that Justin Trudeau has changed his mind on the actual legalizing. There may be much more to the picture than meets the eye.

Leaders in towns across Manitoba are given some freedom as to whether they will start it off on the July 1/18. Some of them may no be so gung ho about the idea, but might get negative feedback some of people who want to buy it and smoke it. These days that’s a lot and it isn’t kids. It’s adults who have been smoking it for years. Years ago and even somewhat today, people think it’s only kids or younger people that smoke dope, but it’s all types and ages imbibe

I don’t believe pot is the panacea which it is made out to be these days of acceptance. It has it’s medical properties. Many people use it for sleep or to fight depression. It does work for those two problems, but of course everything has it’s negative side. It is addicting. If you have smoked regularly for a period, you will feel discomfort when you quit. The addiction would not be as bad a cigarette addiction. If one smokes full time, they are often keeping down and feeling that they don’t want to. Alcohol sometimes is used to kill the pain. That is only addiction when you are a full time alcholic. Marijuana might be the best thing available for depression. It kills the pain and it doesn’t have to be in high doses. A gram a day would be all you need to combat depression.

If you’re jumpy or jittery and can’t seem to concentrate, a toke will help you to settle down and work on what you do. Musicians love grass because it goes good with marijuana. If you are a daily smoker of 1 gram it would cost less than a cigarette smoker spends.

I smoked marijuana for over 35 years and I smoke less than when I was in my younger years. I enjoy the high but like to take a break from it from time to time. It’s always nice when you haven’t had a toke for awhile so it’s good to take a break for awhile. The same applies to many things in life. Pot is not going to cause you to do harder drugs. It just doesn’t work that way. Alcohol is the drug that will turn you on to higher drugs. Alcohol itself is a hard drug, possibly the worst. Marijuana use does not require you to smoke more to get more affect. Of course there are some that like to get wasted. I’m not referring tot that type, but to normal people who can find relief in smoking weed.