What happened to the Jets?

It was kind of a boring game to start out with and it continued that way because the Jets just couldn’t score. That’s rare for them. They have always been a team that will come back and at least make it interesting but that didn’t happen in this game. You have to wonder; have the Preds figured them out and will they keep on winning, or did the Jets just have a bad game. It’s too early to tell. The next game will set the tone for whoever wins it.

We have to be happy with the Jets. There a great team! Whether they lose and are out of the playoffs or if they somehow were to win the Stanley Cup. Their odds are about 50-50 at this point. It is very exciting as we anticipate each playoff game. These Jets have gone further than any Jets team of the past. I’ve never seen the city so alive. Everywhere are people wearing Jets Jerseys, even flying flags on the car. But what was really cool is the flyover by a couple of Jets. We never had that before. It would be expected that the number 1 team have the best odds. They won the president trophy for having the most point in the league. Winnipeg was number 2; therefore Nashville has better odds and they would be “sort of” expected to win. It doesn’t always happen that way though. We should cheer on the Jets even if they are losing; easier said than done. Do you think the Jets have played as well as they can? In most cases they have. It is hard to say if the last game was won by Nashville or lost by Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Jets

The game tonight should be very exciting, well at least if the Jets win. I feel good being a Manitoban and the Jets are helping. It’s too early to say if they will be strong enough to win the coveted Stanley Cup. Myers is hurt but that should change the strength of the defense. Some defense help has been brought up from the miners. Although they might not fill Myers shoes. The whole team picks it up and make up for the injured player. In a few hours we’ll know where we stand. It would be nice if the Jet’s could win tonight. It will give them more time to get ready for the next series.

When the playoffs are over it’s going to be “withdrawal time” After the cup has been won and the season has ended there is something missing. Some go to CFL, which is good, but there are not as many games. I’m looking forward to the next series. Minny can’t be counted out by any means. They could come back and win the series. The playoffs are not always a different series.