Tonights the Night

Tonight will answer the question; The Jets could win tonight and stay in the series. But could they win the next three games? It’s not impossible. Odds are though, they will fall to the Golden Knights. Nothing to be ashamed of there. They have been playing the best teams in the league and were are looking good doing it. Nashville won the President’s award for finishing highest in the standings. Winnipeg was second. The Jets have come a long way. If they lose to the Golden Knights there is nothing to feel bad about. They had a great season and now they are playing to get to the next level which will be either Washington or Tampa. Ovie and his team started off good with a couple of wins but the Senators are coming back now and could win and go on to take The Jets or the Golden Knights. If the Jets lose out it will be the end of a season for many. The hardcore hockey fan will be watching the Stanley Cup finals.  We will see if the GK come out of the gate hard and fast or possibly they have lost some of that momentum. Both teams want it bad. the Golden Knights want to win it tonight and the Jets want to stay in the series. they both have plenty of incentive. I was surprised the hockey game was on in the afternoon. The last score I saw was 1-0 for the Knights. I decided to record it and watch it later…IF they win.

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