Winnipeg Jets

Today the Jets are playing Colorado this evening. The last game was a disappointment. The Jets lost by one in overtime. Not a blowout by any  means. They were there to play and it went into overtime. It was still anyones game by that time, but the luck went to thet other team on this occasion. Overtimes wins seem to be rare for the Winnipeg team.

Many broadcasters and good hockey people say they like watching the Jets. They are a good team to watch. They have an exciting group of guys and where they are now, will make them play better. Our team could take the Stanley cup if it fell together all at the same time. They can play with the best there is and win on any night. Some of the injured players will likely be ready for the playoffs. They said Shifle (wrong spelling) will be six to 8 games. Truba will take as long as that and maybe more. When the team gets back to all the members it should be good.

The last half will be more exciting as the beginning. People become their best when it’s time for playoffs. There may be some aquisitions by the time the playoffs come about.  Toronto is doing well and they have some good players now. One player that used to be with Toronto and didn’t do too much. The chemistry wasn’t good in Toronto for a long time. Mathews made a big difference to the Leafs. There are a couple more interesting players in Toronto.

Phil Kessel is the best he’s ever been. It took him a long time and some hard teams, but he is playing at his best. Tornono was not a good place for him. Hopefully the Winnipeg Jets will get a win and get 2 points.

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