What the Hell is going on?

Trumps first speech spoke included those words; find out “What the hell is going on? He was referring to the Muslim movement around the world but specifically the Western World. They were pouring in to the U.S. after Omaha became President. Actually, it was after 9/11 when they began to come to the U.S., but Obama being a Muslim all along, seemed afraid to come right out and say it. He did that only recently. In the last few days.

They have taken over parts of a few American cities and towns. Literally Taken over. They have not been descibed as a “no go zone” but it will likely come to that. There has never been a slap in the face to people and their homeland as these marauding maniacs going to the streets creating chaos and distruction. That describes what’s happening in Europe. Yes it can come here. Trudeau is planning to bring to Canada, 1000 0000 Muslims and not necessarily refugees. He plans to have 300,000 a year come after that. Who knows whats happening after that. When a country the size of Canada brings in a million people followed by hundreds of thousands each year. It won’t take many more to turn this into an Islam state. That’s is their plan. You’ll hear them say it often.

Two million people in Canada makes a differece to the landscape. Because our Prime Minister is financing all these people which means you pay, many will be living on welfare. If these were real refugees they would appreciate what they have been given, but they don’t appriciate anything. We all know about the nice ones. That’s common sense. most people of any race or place are naturally good but there is the fraction that are not good and it would be millions.

Are they planning for war?  It seems that way. They have told us and everyone else they were going to make them an Islam state. If we continue to let them tear our country apart, before out very eyes. Our Military is  not in great shape.

There has not been any media coverage of how our military is doing. An awful lot of money went to the Middle East Countries and causes. They might be the ones we have to depend ourselves from.  And we know of nothing else, but to watch them do it. This would very likely change if Trudeau is not in power, but he seems to be getting away with everything, while his goons fallow like a group of no nothings.They’re largely Muslim because the PM is also trying to make us into a Islam state. Canadians would buy into anything he’s doing.

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