The Hijab

Why did these people freak out, to begin with? Someone tried to cut off her Hijab. Yes, the Muslim girl who had cried wolf after her hijab was attacked admitted it was a hoax. Many Muslims think they are above everyone else. It’s quite obvious. The words have come from their own mouths. It’s on TV every day and on social media. People call it racism, but it’s just a reaction to their actions. Muslims are not allowed to associate with those who are not. As a result, they look down on all people, especially Jews and Christians. It’s been said many times; “they are a religion, not a race”; it seems like both. They are treated in proportion to the way they act and treat others; not because of their race or religion. Their religion is the reason they act superior to all others. It is all written in the Koran.

Then there are the no-go zones; They used to call that squatting. What kind of town or city lets that happen? They are common in Europe and the U.S… Dearborn Michigan has practically been taken over by Muslims. Minneapolis is rife with them as well. The Mayor is helping them. This is never acknowledged on the news or any other media sources.
It’s hard to believe that this migration of Muslims only started after 9/11. After that happened they might have had a feeling of power because of that. People say they’re not all bad. Of course not. All people and all races have a percentage of people who would be considered bad. So many towns cities and countries. People are dying all over the world as a result of terrorism. Most of it done by  Muslims. Many people have died at their hands. 40 suicide vests were found in a mosque in the U.S… That speaks for its self. ISIS is encouraging its people to bring terrorism to Canada. Our Prime Minister to is helping to make that come about. In most places, they are just putting up with them. When will someone get angry enough to do something about it?

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These are my opinions and nothing more

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