The freeze

It hasn’t been this cold for some time. Last winter it didn’t get as cold has it has this year. It seems like it’s been a few years since we’ve had a long cold snap here in Winnipeg. For some of us, it’s a good excuse to stay inside.
Some years ago there were some guys 4 wheeling about 5 miles from Thompson Manitoba. It was cold much like is today although Thompson gets colder than here in Winnipeg, The guys got the truck hung up and it couldn’t be moved. They decided to walk back to Thompson. One fellow succumbed to the cold but the other made it to Thompson but lost his fingers and toes.

It’s a valuable lesson. When it’s minus 35 or 40 a person can freeze to death in a short time. 5 miles doesn’t seem like a long way. This happened years ago before cell phones were common. Everyone has a cell these days. They have saved a lot of people in situations similar to this. The people in the tow truck business are making money giving boosts and towing vehicles that just won’t start.

Winnipeg is known as a “cold” place. It’s is no colder than Calgary or Edmonton. Presently it’s cold right across Canada. Spring isn’t far away. It’s always nice when Winter turns to spring. It brings a feeling of freedom. Cold is our most extreme weather. We don’t get earthquakes or hurricanes. These days we get the odd tornado, but years ago they barely existed. There is warmer weather coming up at the end of the week. It will be a nice break. Today it’s -40. It’s a beautiful day to stay inside.


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