Oh Canada

It is deadly serious that people are informed about the politics in Canada. There are too many people talking about his mismanagement of Canada.

Manitoba Musical MinistryPeople are saying “Oh Canada” in a mournful way as Justin Trudeau and his minions have taken over Canada but not the people of Canada. His priority, to begin with, was to bring 2500 Muslim refugees. Since then he has been cuckolding them making sure that they are well taken care of. The carbon tax is not very popular. I won’t win him any votes. That money goes to the government but do they use it for carbon tax purposes? We will never know. The M-103 is to stop people from criticizing Muslims. We are being threatened with jail if we don’t do this. A situation has occurred already, which has put a person in jail.

He has raised the money for family allowance; another ploy at the time for more votes. There are a lot is people who have children and the surely would get their vote. He has legalized marijuana. At the time, it would have gotten him lots of votes as well. The Muslim people would have given him plenty of votes. There is some evidence that Justin became a Muslim in 2008. He stated that he became a Muslim about six months or so into his P.M. job.  If that was the case he must have a great love for Allah as he was going to bat for them right out of the gate, which leaves on to believe that he was very likely a Muslim as far back as 2008. His brother is a Muslim as well.

There is a barrage of criticism on social sites. It is difficult to find anything positive written about him. Even on Youtube, there is nothing good written about him. You’ll find his bumbles there though. And there are lots of them. He is on his “town meeting” trip. It is actually not town halls where he is holding his meetings, it’s Universities. He supposedly thinks he will get less criticism in that venue. A recent post on Facebook show him at a town meeting and it wasn’t going too well.  The Flick showed a bunch younger people were exiting as he was speaking. It looked like a kind of protest against King Trudeau. There was also a woman in the back yelling something. It was hard to hear, but it threw him off of his game slightly. It is very important that as many people as possible should be warned about the direction of our country and especially about the present liberal P.M.

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